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SmartestGames.com - About Us

About us

SmartestGames.com is a hobby-project consisting in a collection of free online games that we thought were worthy. For any issues feel free to contact us at contact@smartestgames.com or by using our Contact Form

About our games

All games presented here were collected over a larger period of time either from websites offering them for free and without any restrictions (as long as they were not modified) or from our users who submitted them (either authors of the respective games or not). All credits for the games go to their respective authors (and/or their sponsors). We did not create or modify in any way any of the games we host, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the way any of the games interacts with your computer.

At the time each of our games was included in our database we tried to make sure that we do not infringe any copyright (we had to have at least one legitimate source/website which was offering it for free to be hosted on any website as long as it's not modified). In case we made a mistake (such as the source which we got the game from offered it to us without having the right to do so, or the status of the game changed in the meantime and we are not allowed to host it anymore, or any other issue which can be considered a copyright infringement from our side) we kindly ask you to inform us of this so that we can rectify the problem.

If you have or know any games you think we might enjoy please contact us. Keep in mind however that we will not host any games without having the right to do so. In other words please only send games you created yourself or provide a link to a trustworthy legitimate source that is offering it freely for hosting on other websites.

About our sources

We did not keep track of which game we got from which source (and we do not intend to do so in the future). However all information about the games' authors and sponsors should be in-game in case you are interested.

About our users

You do not need to be a registered user in order to play our games. Registering however enables you to saves your scores, level up, update your profile and interact with other users. We will never force registrations or ask for any personal details (such as an email adress) when you register. Updating your profile after you register is optional and entirely up to you.

Whether you decide to register or not we are really glad you visit us.

Every user is in charge of his or her own profile and the information written there is never modified or checked if accurate by SmartestGames.com. If however you notice a user with abusive/suspicious or potentially illegal behavior please report us the incident and we will decide what steps to take in solving the issue.

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